EARLY VOTING: May 24 - June 11

About David Blinkhorn

David Blinkhorn is a former Kennesaw City Councilmember. He earned the trust and respect of his fellow council members in his first term who elected him Mayor Pro-tem.

A driving force on the City Council, he fought for his constituents with honesty, integrity and authenticity behind his public service. David served on the Kennesaw City Council and was Mayor Pro-Tem his first term on the council. He also served as the liaison to the Cemetery, Arts and Culture, Zoning and Planning, and Kennesaw Development Committees.

David and his wife, Karen, have been married 25 years and have called Kennesaw home the last 20. They are proud parents of two young men who were active in school and community and both earned their Eagle Scout Badges. David is an active member of the Cobb Municipal Association and Cobb County Republican Party, volunteers with Cobb County Cemetery commission, supports community gardening, scouting, the American Legion, Friends of Kennesaw Mountain, and Kennesaw arts and culture.


Too many politicians plagiarize the talking points and scripts of others simply because they believe it will hide their ambitions and make them more "electable." Then, when they are elected, the return to the same way things are always done -- and the citizens suffer as a result.

David is here to change that! As the AUTHENTIC CONSERVATIVE in this race, David is out to change Georgia for the better by focusing on:

Better Education for Georgia: Our schools should provide knowledge to be productive citizens in the community. Preparing our children for the next step in their life should be the goal, whether they go on to college or enter the workforce.

David will work with other legislators and our education community to enhance our trade education resources. Right now, our economy is sputtering because skilled tradespeople cannot be found, and these jobs offer almost immediately pay of up to $80,000 in many cases -- with no college debt!

Authentic and Real Public Service: David served others his entire professional career and on the Kennesaw City Council. He will continue that service to you with the same attention and respect as a member of the Georgia State House.

David will fight to keep Georgia the #1 place to do business by refusing to support irresponsible tax increases. Further, he'll advocate for responsible transportation solutions that invest in roads and bridges, while empowering local governments to diversify their local economies and keep jobs close to home

Protecting Our Republic: Our elections should be easy to participate in and hard to cheat. SB202 made the voting rules clear, consistent, and fair for all Georgians. We must always protect the delicate balance between open and secure elections.

David won't stop there, though. This fight to save our society means we have to go to the root of the problem, and build a philosophical foundation in our children that appreciates liberty and respects diversity of thought. He will fight to protect individualism and end any opportunity for radicalized, Marxist-based ideologies like critical race theory to infiltrate our society.

Communities and Public Safety: Defunding our public safety is not an option. Our law enforcement officers need resources to do their job safely, and David will do all in his power to bring the community and law enforcement together to build trust and integrity.

This means giving our local communities the means to improve technology that both increases accountability for officer behavior but also preserves a record of activity when lawbreaking occurs. Bad officers should never feel like their above the law and be prosecuted when they break it. However, the 95% of our public safety that do their job well should be protected with a public record that validates their heroism and bravery on the streets.


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